Ice Hockey Jobs “EMPLOYER” posts and what they mean

For all the visitors and subscribers who view the jobs on the website. Recently Ice Hockey Jobs posted several “EMPLOYER” category jobs highlighted in bright Pink. These are not Job postings. They are a guide or an information posting so you can see where potential empoloyment opportunities may exist. Please only apply to these if you are very serious in working in the country or company. The Employers do not want to receive numerous resumes.

If you are an Employer who feels they do not want to be on Ice Hockey Jobs please feel free to contact us at We will gladly remove your information.

I hope this Post makes it clear to our subscribers and employers. Ice Hockey Jobs continues to be a Free service. We are trying to get the hockey world to recognize us and hopefully they will open up and post jobs on our site for those serious to work in the industry

Please let us know what you would like to see on the website, and do you like the EMPLOYER category


Stan Karbowiak

Ice Hockey Jobs


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